Health is a game mechanic used in Crash Force.


Each hovercraft has a specific maximum amount of health points and a minimum amount of health points. When a hovercrafts health points are reduceed to zero the hovercraft dies and will respawn).

Depending on the size of the hovercraft, the amount of health points a hovercraft will vary. For example:

  • Small sized hovercrafts have between 1500~2000 health points.
    (Which are: Aquila Minuta, Cicuma Acadica and Clava Myotis)
  • Medium sized hovercrafts have between 2500~3500 health points.
    (eg. Aquila Rapax, Cicuma Pulsatrix)
  • Large sized hovercrafts have between 4000~6000 health points.
    (eg. Aquila Audax or Cicuma Nebulosa)

When an enemy hovercrafts uses its Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon or Damaging Abilities, your hovercraft will take damage and their health points are reduced.


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