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Peaceful but mysterious, the Clavae species has lived on their planet for centuries with no intention to expand to the rest of the universe.

One dreadful day, a strange species called Cicuma came from across the universe with concealed intentions. At first they claimed that the purpose of their visit was purely explorative and academical. Although sceptical at the time, Clavae did not consider the new visitors as a threat.

Not long after the arrival of the new visitors, another species called Aquila, came to their planet. Aquilas had no intention of hiding their motives thus, straight away stated that the energy of their Power Source should be drained for the Greater Good. The Clavae had soon realized that Aquilas were going to take their planet's energy by force. At the same time, the Cicumas had been caught exploiting the planet’s energy. As a result, Clavae decided it was time for action.

“Oppression can no longer be tolerated, the planet belongs to its rightful owners and anyone opposing shall face destruction.”


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Clava Myotis

Clava Diphylla

Clava Jubatos