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Cicuma Pulsatrix is a hovercraft in Crash Force .


Cicuma Pulsatrix is the medium-sized hovercraft from the Cicuma family. Pulsatrix is an all purpose hovercraft with well rounded properties, but excels in Velocity and Skirmishing.

Weapons & Abilities

Keyboard Black Mouse Left.png/XboxOne RT.png And Keyboard Black Mouse Right.png/XboxOne LT.png
Ability Rifle.png
Primary - Rifle: "Standard Rifle that shoots Bullets that deal 75 Damage Per Hit "
Ability HomingMissile.png
Secondary - Havok: "Projectile missles that when explodes deals 219 Damage"

Keyboard Black 1.png/XboxOne X.png
Ability RocketHail.png Pulsatrix casts a rain of rockets that fall upon a targeted area damaging all enemies inside.
Damage Per Missile: 300 Rockets Per Second: 10
AOE Radius: 500 Duration: 10s
Cool Down: 14s Energy Cost: 180

Keyboard Black 2.png/XboxOne Y.png
Ability FlashBang.png Pulsatrix overload all nearby enemies visual feedback blinding them for a period of time.
AOE Radius: 350 Blind Duration: 1.5s
Cool Down: 9s Energy Cost: 150

Keyboard Black 3.png/XboxOne LB.png
Ability Puppeteer.png Create exact replicas of your own body at random locations in an area around you that shoot at where you are shooting.
Clone Weapon Damage: 75 Spell Duration: 10s
Cool Down: 20s Energy Cost: 160

Keyboard Black 4.png/XboxOne RB.png
Ability Blend.png Pulsatrxi camouflages itself and blends in with the environment utilizing the nanites of its body.
Duration: 5s Cool Down: 25s
Energy Cost: 400



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Pulsatrix is related to Cicuma Acadica and Cicuma Nebulosa