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They are thirsty for knowledge and they will do anything to unravel the mysteries of the universe. However, they can only do that by utilizing energy from Power Sources. When their studies had showed that continuous usage of their Power Source depletes its energy, they decided to stop utilizing it for research.

Their thirst for knowledge, has lead them to hack into other species' comms. That is when they had found out that Aquilas had discovered a planet with abundance of Power Sources and therefore decided to go to an expedition on that same planet.

Upon landing on the planet, they had found it inhabited by the barbaric, under-evolved Clavae species, constantly wasting the energy of the Power Sources for nothing but survival. In the meantime, Aquilas had arrived to the planet in order to try and claim the resources for themselves. As a result, a fight was brewing and Cicumas could take advantage of it.

“Out of all the virtues in the universe, knowledge is the purest, and we shall fight to preserve it no matter the cost.”


Cicuma family hovercrafts are the most tech savvy hovercrafts, fully exploiting the weaknesses their opponents and manipulate their perception in order to emerge victorious. Their common abilities are disrupting the understanding of their opponents.


Cicuma Acadica

Cicuma Pulsatrix

Cicuma Nebulosa

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