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The Aquilas are the law and order of the universe ruling with an iron fist the rest of the families. They are on an eternal quest for finding new Power Sources to grow their power and enable them to enforce what they think is right on the rest of the universe.

When a new Power Source was discovered in a new planet, they immediately sent out an expedition team to recover its energy. Upon landing on the new planet, they had found it inhabited by Clavae.

Possessive and greedy by their nature had no intention to conceal the true purpose of their mission which they immediately revealed to the Clavae as soon as they landed on their planet. Their goal was simple but definitely not humble, to drain the Power Source's energy by any means necessary.

“The annihilation of one species is a small price to pay to preserve balance in the system. If that is what must be done for the greater good, then ruling the universe depends on it.”


Aquila Hovercrafts are the most physically enhanced hovercrafts. Their battle style revolves around utilizing their supreme strength in order to dominate the battlefield. Their common ability is manipulating time itself.


Aquila Minuta

Aquila Rapax

Aquila Audax