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Aquila Minuta is a hovercraft in Crash Force.


Aquila Minuta is the smallest and fastest in the Aquila Hovercraft family. This hovercraft has high Velocity and Engineering, but low Tanking and Skirmishing.


Keyboard Black Mouse Left.png/XboxOne RT.png And Keyboard Black Mouse Right.png/XboxOne LT.png
Ability Rifle.png
Primary - Rifle: "Standard Rifle that shoots Bullets that deal 75 Damage Per Hit "
Ability EmberFall.png
Secondary - Ember Fall: "Projectile missles that when explodes deals 143 Damage"

Keyboard Black 1.png/XboxOne X.png
Ability ChaseSaw.png Minuta creates dual-bladed razors that spin around it, damaging anyone they hit.
Damage Per Tick: 60 Duration: 2s
Cooldown: 8s AOE Radious: 360
Cool Down: 11s Energy Cost: 50

Keyboard Black 2.png/XboxOne Y.png

Aquila Minuta Ability Preview - Kinetic Shield

Ability KineticShield.png Aquila Minuta becomes invulnerable to all damage, for a brief period of time.
Duration: 3s Cooldown: 23s
Energy Cost: 70

Keyboard Black 3.png/XboxOne LB.png
Ability AquilaWarp.png Aquila Minuta activates an aura field around it, slowing down all of its enemies in the area.
Slow % Movement Speed: 40 Slow Duration: 2.5s
Cast Duration: 2.5s Cooldown: 14s
AOE Radious: 450 Energy Cost: 120

Keyboard Black 4.png/XboxOne RB.png
Ability AquilaWormhole.png Aquila Minuta instantly teleports a small distance, in the direction it sees.
Range: 4000 Cooldown: 9.5s
Energy Cost: 100



Gallery with rendered images of the Aquila Minuta:


Part of the Aquila family which also consists of Rapax and Audax.